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Same-Day Dentistry with PlanScan-E4D

Technology is transforming numerous aspects of our lives. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is radically changing many industries including dentistry. Modern innovations are improving the precision and longevity of dental treatment options. Furthermore, dentistry is becoming more convenient, less time consuming, and more patient-friendly. At the forefront of dental technology, Dr Mika has recently incorporated the PlanScan-E4D system into the treatment options available to his patients.

PlanScan-E4D is a revolutionary CAD/CAM dental technology that is changing the way we create dental restorations and crowns for our patients. While crowns used to require multiple office visits, this system is making same-day dentistry a welcome reality for many of our patients.

The complex technology involved includes a digital blue laser scanning of the patient's mouth which is not only clean and extremely accurate, but also as safe as the check-out scanner at a grocery store. Three dimensional computer images are created from these digital impressions. After custom designing is complete, a metal-free restoration is milled on-site. The final result is a durable, aesthetically pleasing restoration which is bonded in place. The entire process usually takes Dr. Mika's team a couple hours in office from start to finish. (For more information on why dental crowns are made, go to Our Dental Treatments)

There are several benefits to same-day restorations which include,

  • Safe and simple image capture
  • Advanced laser 3D technology provides
         absolute precision
  • No unpleasant or messy impressions
  • No need for temporary restorations
  • Metal-free restorations
  • Completion of restorations in a single
          appointment means no waiting for the
          permanent restoration

As the reputation of PlanScan-E4D technology grows, patients are beginning to request these restorations because they are fast, convenient, aesthetically attractive and structurally reliable. Dr. Mika has invested in this innovative technology because he believes his patients deserve modern dentistry that fits their lifestyles. For more information, please visit

Joseph A. Mika, DDS • (330) 702-6000
3700 Stutz Dr, Ste 3 • Canfield, OH 44406